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I am Sammi: Lead Photographer and owner of enkindle. I'm an STL native, but travel across the world documenting your love stories. I absolutely live for the ocean, travel, tropical fruit, candid laughs, and peanut butter cups. I have always had a head full of dreams accompanied by a heart that is only satisfied with doing what I love. And let me tell you: I love LOVE. Cliche as it is, I do, and you can bet I'll probably tear up multiple times on your day. Nothing brings me more happiness than love, and I live for capturing yours in ways like no other.

Sammi Milne: Photographer, Dreamer, Thrill Seeker, Lover of the absolute mushy moments, and melancholy songs (they just hit different). 

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Fun Facts About ME

I truly believe that you deserve nothing but the best for your wedding day. I am here not to only serve you with beautiful photos that showcase your love story, but also an experience like no other. Prior to your wedding, I am going to get to know you and your person. We will meet up over coffee, beers, margs, or for those busy bees over face time. We will discuss what YOUR VISION is, and YOUR MUST HAVES!

About the method... 

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There is no other couple like you. I believe in an individualized approach. I will invest the time in you to make sure I tell your story with the authenticity and the attention to detail it deserves. Photos with intention! You will get the "classics" but I will make sure to get the photos that are unique to you as well.  Mix of candid moments, classic portraits, AND THE FUN + FUNKY POSES. I'm here for it all!

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You need a photographer that lives and breathes it. It is THE day, and you deserve THE best. I am a firm believer that your photographer isn’t a decision to be made lightly.  It is the person who is going to be by your side on the best day of your life. The one who will hype you up when you need it, grab you a drink from the bar, and so much more. Your photographer can be that fairy dust on your magical day, and I'd love to be the one to sprinkle on that magic! I promise to serve you in more than photos. On your day, I will be dedicated to capturing  worthwhile photos, while making you feel 
comfortable and sure that you have fun!

Why Enkindle?

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I Love to Travel. I
Have been to 7 countries, but Would love to see them all!

Fun Facts

 I have been

Fun Facts

I love Pineapple and Coconut! My taste buds like to be on a Tropical Vacay

Fun Facts

I  have a Bachelors Degree in Elementary ED.

Fun Facts

I Love the ocean. Despite being a Midwest girl, I havent spent a year where I haven't touched the sea

Fun Facts

I am a certified  Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Fun Facts

I grew up on summer camp. It was the absolute best job I have ever had (after this of course)

Fun Facts

I Grew up on Disney Movies and have that to blame for my head filled with big dreams

Fun Facts

The Basics:
-Sign: Leo 
-Ennegram 3 wing 2
-Hometown: St. Louis
-Favorite TV: HIMYM, Grey's, Shameless, How to get away with Murder

Fun Facts

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I seriously can't thank you enough for investing your time! I am beyond thrilled to get started making your day absolutely AMAZING!! So what are you waiting for?

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