Frequently asked

You are getting more than someone who just stands there and pushes a button. You get high quality edited photos that capture your love authentically. It goes beyond photos. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime day! I will not be "another vendor" going through the motions. I will share in your excitement, I will be there to serve you, which looks a whole lot like: hyping you and your party up, grabbing you a drink from the bar, and catering to your unique vision! Your photographer can be the fairy dust on your magical day, and I'd love to be the one to sprinkle on that magic!

Why Enkindle?


Frequently asked


Dependent on the shoot! I will never cap images-meaning if we are getting some good stuff I won't stop at a certain number. All images will be high quality jpeg. Minimum of 75 for couples, 300 for elopements, and 500 for weddings. 

How Do you Accept Payments?

Payments are traditionally made online through Honeybook. What I do require is a $1,000 deposit upon booking Weddings. The remainder is due two weeks before your wedding.  If you are unable to make card payments, checks or venmo can be accepted. I get weddings can be expensive, payment plans can be developed to cater to your needs.

What if my date changes?

If you have booked, signed the contract, and paid the deposit, at that time the deposit is nonrefundable. I am not out to steal your money, but due to the nature of  this business, it often means I have had to say no to others for your date. That being said, would love to reschedule with a new date. A $250 rescheduling fee will be applied


If you have booked, signed the contract, and paid the deposit, at that time the deposit is nonrefundable. Any payments after, will be refunded. 
I am not out to steal your money, but due to the nature of business, it often means I have had to say no to others for your date.  If a reschedule is in order I would love to work with you! 


I often will say let's go for it! Kissing and dancing in the rain can be absolutely stunning! Wind in your hair, can make for some absolutely epic images! We can additionally switch to indoors if it suits! Now if the weather is truly dangerous, absolutely let's pick a new date!

Where are you located?

STL BABY!!! I Love St. Louis, MO... but I ABSOLUTELY ADORE TRAVELING! Nothing is too far! I have a dream of seeing every country and every state so you will be helping me reach my dreams! 

What are your travel Fees?

My travel fees will be included in your price! Budgeting a wedding is the WORST! The last thing you need is hidden fees! All inclusive pricing here! Upon inquiring, you will receive my pricing guide. 

What if you have never been?

A new location is no problem! My flights will be booked early so no need to worry about delays. I will always scout locations. In St. Louis, I will take it upon myself to scout your location, and I already have some favorite spots! 

What if  you can't be there?

I am dedicated to YOU!!!! For me to not be there, I would have to be at the hospital or a family emergency/death. I hope and pray for that not to happen. In the unfortunate event, I will ensure to personally find a talented replacement photographer to capture your day. Then will edit myself. 

Do you do albums or Prints?

I do not have my own shop yet! I have found a trusted shop. You can order quality prints directly from your gallery! You can order albums as well! Or I can also personally design an album for you. That is an add -in you can purchase with your wedding package!

What do I need to Wear?

I can help you stylize your session if you like! I also want you to feel comfortable and show off your style! I am here to help in anyway so don't hesitate. 

Will you Photoshop us?

Nope!! I believe in your authentic and your real self. You are beautiful, and twenty years from now you are going want to see photos of YOU! Not some computer created barbie/ken. Now I am not evil! Pimples, food in your teeth (serious problem of mine), cuts/scars I will brush away! If it is going away in less than a month I got you! 

Can I receive Raw Images?

I am sorry, but no. When hiring me, you are hiring more than someone to just click away. I believe you are hiring me for my editing style as well. If you feel like something slipped, just reach out, but trust me I love giving you all the goods.

Do you shoot outside of Weddings?

Babies? Seniors? Family? The photos you need are endless!!! I know life doesn't stop after "I do". That being said, weddings are my speciality. I like to offer myself to weddings first and foremost because that is where I serve clients best. Those who book weddings with me, I can't wait to follow your life adventure!!! When scheduling permits, I love to add on any additional adventures! 

Can we see a full Gallery?

Absolutely! With your inquiry, I can send one your way!

"We are obsesssed, the photos were so amazing! Seriously in love with them."


WOOOOOHOOOO! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FUN! Go on now! Inquire and you will receive my pricing guide! From there talk it over with your love! Get hyped! We can chat, and once you sign that contract so much good is coming your way!! Seriously I can't wait to be there for your adventure! You ready to inquire?

All in?